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The New Enlgand Barbell 8 Week Transformation Challenge leaves no stone unturned. This isn’t another cookie-cutter standard gym challenge that preaches the “eat less, move more” philosophy. Our challenge is based upon scientific principles, so we can harness YOUR BODY and work with your unique physiology, which ultimately delivers the best results for YOU!


If you’re keen to take part in this transformation challenge, please see below.



Including all Training Sessions, Meal Plans, Sauna Sessions, Seminars, Check Ins and Consultations this 8 week challenge would normally cost close to $2000, BUT, because you have shown to be committed to making change in your life we want to support you and offer you up to 80% off.


Now this challenge is exclusive, only for serious people like yourself who are willing to put in the time and effort to make results that others could only dream of. The challenge can be paid off weekly for up to 9 weeks.


Claim your spot asap, there are only 10 spots available.



($55 Weekly)

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