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Rise n' Shine is the BEST way to wake up of a morning! This class is a combination of high-intensity fast-paced circuits, weights & mobility! a PERFECT way to get your day started!

Kickstart Just like Rise n' Shine Kickstart is an amazing way to get your day started. Focusing on weights, cardio & mobility. Whatever your goal, Kickstart will help you achieve it. 

Boxfit is a combination of boxing, kickboxing & movement designed for fitness and improving cardiovascular endurance. It is also a great stress reliever.

Bootycamp is a ladies-only class that started New England Barbell's classes - designed to improve hip flexor, glute, core, cardiovascular & overall strength.

HiitCamp is a high-intensity boot camp-style class that tests your physical cardiovascular limits and obliterates fat.


Flow is our movement and mobility class which has been specifically designed to help loosen tight muscles and improve your degrees of movement freedom.

Youth Athletic Development is our under 18's development class which helps young athletes train and compete at a higher level.

For personal training enquiries please go to our Services/Book online section.

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