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New England Barbell have developed a high performance program for any of our local rugby players who want to take their game to the next level.


Open to any Senior players looking to get stronger and more resilient on the football field, Our trainer Lawson Fittler has put together an extensive system to take players to the next level, all while building an environment where athletes can thrive in a well-structured and supportive environment here a New England Barbell.


Consisting of up to 3 sessions a week - as well as an option for more programmed sessions to do in your own time.


Tailored nutrition plans made by athletes for athletes - Perform & Recover better to stay at the top of your game by understanding the right foods and more to fuel your body to its highest potential. 




Our Trainer Lawson & our experienced team have had vast experience working with high performance teams, we've done the in’s and out’s researching & developing what we believe is a very high-quality system, and have sought education and advice from some of the best coaches in the world to put together the product that is now available to the local community.


If this is something you and your team would be interested in then, please come in and speak to our team to organise your spot - only 12 spots left so get in quick!

If you're looking to increase your team's performance, get in touch by emailing

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