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Athletic Development 

Sports Equipment

Our new athletic training program is designed for sport teams who want to increase performance, enjoyment, success and reduce the risk of injuries for your players.


Our goal is to help improve players performance on the field with an in-season and off-season training program here at New England Barbell, with the main focus on strength & conditioning to reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.


Injury Prevention/Management:

The majority of injuries happen either at the start of the season due to poor off-season strength & conditioning, or towards the end of the season due to not maintaining strength & conditioning. Research shows that the best way to reduce the risk of injury is to regularly participate in a sport specific strength & conditioning program.


Strength & conditioning training not only builds a strong solid foundation for players and greatly reduces their risk of injury but strength training has a significant role in ensuring that players develop a higher level of coordination, stability and body awareness as they advance through their careers. This can lead to longer playing careers, less injuries over a players lifetime, a higher quality of performance on field and greater enjoyment whilst playing.


We have found that when working with young athletes identifying weaknesses and/or deficiencies and focusing on improving these weaknesses and/or deficiencies is the most optimal way to initially improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Once this initial phase of training has been completed we will move on to more specific strength & conditioning training.


If you’re interested in what we can offer to your team and are keen to find out more, please email us @ .
































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