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Have you always wanted to learn calisthenics? 

Over the course of 6 weeks 

  • Learn how to cue and correctly perform bodyweight exercises such as, Push Up, Pull Up, Muscle Up, Dead hangs, Bar Dip, Bench Dip, Inverted Row, TRX, L-Sit, Squat and Single Leg Squat.

  • Start to build the body of your dreams. Burn fat and build muscle during high intensity sessions. 

  • Translate the ability to perform the movements at their basics to learning periodisation, how to structure a full body body-weight workout and learn set/rep schemes for your individual goals.

  • Learn the progression of bodyweight exercises. How to make an exercise more difficult and more effective.

  • Learn how to push yourself beyond your own limits & Learn discipline.

fill out the form below or call "more info" to begin your bodyweight journey and discover the best version of yourself today! 

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